About Tracy Lau

About Tracy Lau
What Started It All...

My Counselling Philosophy

As a fellow human traveller, I understand what it feels like to be stuck, lost, and overwhelmed in life. Things might have looked good on the outside, but internally I was struggling in quicksand.


It wasn’t until I discovered that the key to my freedom was learning to follow my internal compass. I started self-directing my path without relying on external validation. I was able to speak my truth, convey what I thought or felt, and set boundaries. I expanded my “self” into the world.


Once I thoroughly examined my own life, and gained my tools, knowledge, and insights, I felt a calling to help others. I want others to know that you do not have to suffer, or put in so much effort (while using the wrong tools to dig yourself out).

After trying to find a way out, I finally understood that the solution doesn’t come from a manual, other people, or the next New York Time’s Best seller self-help book. There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to living. 

What I finally realised was, trying harder is not the key.

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What is the key?

To tap into the parts of you that have been dormant and unassessed to gain insight into the depths of who you are

To learn how to make these transformative changes long-lasting

To process and resolve what is holding you back, and bypass maladaptive behaviors (thoughts, emotions, and actions) and finally gain the freedom of to design your own life

To learn and experience the plethora of techniques, blending the tried and true with newer, cutting edge modalities to effectively get to these deep-seeded root issues

As human beings, we are hardwired to worry, stress, and detect potential barriers. At the same time, we are hardwired to heal, recover, and grow. After listening to the clients that come through my door, I discovered a common thread that links the myriad of presenting concerns (anywhere from anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, to the big “who am I?”), and I sought for an answer. I found a way that effectively retrains us from our default way of being and taps into our core self that leads to long-lasting transformations. 

Once you learn what is holding you back, you will begin to define your own definition of success, create a game plan, and go from life-limiting thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to life-affirming actions.

Our Sessions Together
In our sessions, moments of realization will shed light into long-carried burdens. This will move you from the stuck place with a new sense of coherence, clarity, and direction. You will experience the accumulation of positive joys (and even laugh in moments of sheer bliss). You will learn how to be observers of your own mind, cultivate skills, and finally experience a newfound sense of YOU.

When you are ready to break the cycle and create real change

How To Find Me

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(604) 800 - 6782

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Monday to Friday 9a.m. - 5:30p.m.

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